Made with a difference 



Expertise in building low energy design  - including Passivhaus certified buildings.


 High level insulation, building orientation and low to zero heating requirements for new dwellings - all without breaking the bank. 



These principles can be incorporated into retrofit, refurbishments, basements, lofts, extensions, offices and schools. 

From design to build


We've been extremely interested in sustainable building and efficient low energy design for many years. The benefits of building to the rigorous Passivhaus standard were anticipated but the reality of living in one has far exceeded expectations. Passivhauses are designed for occupant comfort and “The Den” has not disappointed. Apart from the warm glow that comes from knowing you are using less energy and saving money the atmosphere in the house is extremely comfortable: benefiting from zero drafts, and filtered air.



Upgrading a two storey house


MINT Construction have recently completed a project in South London in conjunction with Paul Mallion of Conker Conservation Ltd.  The works consisted of a refurbishment of a two storey terraced house and a single storey rear  extension clad with cedar shingles to a Passivhaus standard, although not certified. The scope of the works included thermal upgrades to floor, loft, replacement windows, upgrading bathroom and new kitchen and internal repairs .